La Rochère Absinthe Spoon Made in France
  • La Rochère Absinthe Spoon Made in France

La Rochère Absinthe Spoon


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The La Rochère absinthe spoon sits perfectly across the top of the La Rochere absinthe glass. Use it to hold a sugar cube while you drip iced water over it, for a traditional Belle Epoque absinthe ritual.


The Belle Epoque was a period from approximately 1871 to 1914 in Western Europe. It was characterised by a great explosion in the arts and literature. French artists of the Art Nouveau movement would often cite absinthe as a muse, and its regular appearance in artwork of the time cemented the drink’s popularity.

Data sheet
Weight :
20 g
Origin :
Haute-Marne, France
Height :
175 mm

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