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  • Brochier Soieries

    Since 1890 Brochier family has been handing down a tradition born in the 16th century : manufacturing exceptional fabrics and printing artists scarves. Four generations followed one another since the creation of the factory, combining a deep taste of arts and crafts and a keen artistic sensitivity. Brochier Soieries archive is rich of more than 100 000 textile designs representative of all periods and all art styles.

  • Distillerie Bourgeois

    Organic certified absinthe distillery, located in the Haut-Doubs

    Absinthe, also known as Artemisia Absinthium, is a medicinal plant that has been used for about 3,500 years, with multiple virtues: tonic, antiseptic, anti-worm treatment ...

  • Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

    Since 1898 Distilleries et Domaines de Provence selected  the location of Forcalquier, the capital of flavors and fragrances, where it has remained to this day. In the heart of rural Provence, in an authentic setting between mountains and scrublands, it lovingly rewrites the recipes for its Aperitifs and Spirits.

  • Gien

    Founded in 1821, the Faiencerie is located in Gien, in the Loire Valley at the very heart of France. The location offered all that was needed to make Faience : sand and water from the river Loire, and wood from the Sologne forest nearby.

    The Faience gained renown during the 19th century largely through two main products : dinner services bearing the coats of arms of prominent families of the European aristocracy, and... tiles made for the Paris Metro.

  • La Belle Iloise

    Located near the fishing port of Quiberon, formerly one of the largest sardine ports in France, La Belle-Iloise was created in 1932 by Georges Hilliet.

    Georges Hilliet opened the first direct sale stores in his canning factory.


  • La Rochère

    Founded in 1475, La Rochère is the oldest working art glassworks factory in France. With its wealth of experise, the glassworks designs and produces tableware and decorative items from mouth blown and machine glass, ranging from new versions of 18th-century items to designer creations.

  • Larmorie

    Larmorie a 100% Made in France Brand

    Larmorie's products embody the genes of know-how and tradition of French craftsmanship. Wallets and card holders are manufactured with the utmost care since 3 generations in the Tarn.
    Packaging is assembled by a Parisian cardboard manufacturer which has existed for more than 50 years.

  • Laulhère

    Laulhère, The reference name in French berets since 1840.

    The Beret… A national symbol for the French and recognized the world over, The beret is so closely knit into the French culture its now a part of its DNA.

    Laulhère is now the only remaining historic beret-maker in France, and has a unique and exceptionally ancient heritage.

  • Le Chocolat Des Français

    ‘Le Chocolat des Francais‘ simple means ‘The Chocolate of France’. Everything from the ingredients, design, the packaging to the craftsmanship is made exclusively in France.

  • Le Jacquard Français

    Le Jacquard Français, ambassador of beautiful linen.
    A textile manufacturer since 1888, Le Jacquard Français has 130 employees, all proud of weaving 100% of the firm's creations in France, in their Gérardmer workshop. Leader in the high­end table linen market, Le Jacquard Français creates beautiful linen  featuring  cheerful,  shimmering,  luminous  colors, alway in keeping with the latest color trends.

  • Maison Bonnefoy

    In 1940, Jean-Marie Bonnefoy, father of Marc Bonnefoy,the current director of Maison Bonnefoy , becomes an artisan in a small town of Haute-Loire, Les Villettes, located next to Saint Etienne.

    At the time, its activity was focused on the manufacture of garter belts and sheaths before to redirect his activities in the knitted fabric. In 1972, Marc Bonnefoy took over the management, after graduating from the Diderot textile school in Lyon.

  • Maison DEGRENNE

    The Maison DEGRENNE recognized by the State as "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" is renowned for its stainless steel cookware and porcelain tableware. The Maison DEGRENNE has manufacturing workshops in Vire comme and Limoges.

  • Monnaie de Paris

    Ever since 1775, in the heart of Paris, Monnaie de Paris has enjoyed its own building, especially designed to be the place where gold and silver coins are struck and manufactured. Heirs to the louis d’or, those coins are manufactured with the same rigor and quality according to the rules of French excellence.

  • Opinel

    Joseph Opinel began making knives in 1890 in Savoie, France as a simple working man's or peasant's knife.

    By 1909, Opinel had registered his first trademark for the Opinel knife, choosing the main couronnée ("crowned hand") as his emblem. A few years later Opinel annual sales were in the hundreds of thousands, and by the start of World War II as many as 20 million knives had been sold.

  • Quelle Histoire

    Quelle Histoire Editions edit books about leading figures in history as children. All the books and other products are designed in Paris and printed in Toulouse.

    100% made in France!

  • Revol

    Since 1768, 9 generations of the same family have run the Revol company located in the Drôme.

    Nine generations of accomplished and passionate artisans and technicians have passed down their skills and love for the craft. Nowadays, numerous stages of Revol's production are still made by hand, safeguarding the precision of the gesture and the beauty of the object.

  • Savonnerie de Nyons

    La Savonnerie De Nyons is a craft company manufacturing soaps and cosmetics. Located in Nyons, in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, the company has a long tradition of soap making. Thanks to some 200,000 olive trees, Nyons has always produced the best quality olive oil and soaps. Indeed, it is in Nyons that the remains of the oldest soap factory in France dating back to 1591 were discovered! Some 300 years later, Erwan ALLEE decided to revive the passion of traditional soap making through la Savonnerie de Nyons.

  • Vilac

    For more than 100 years, Vilac has been manufacturing and designing wooden toys with Passion and Know-how, using traditional methods inherited from generation to generation.

  • Wilson Jeux

    Michele Wilson started Puzzles Michele Wilson in 1997 in Burgundy,France.

    Michele Wilson jigsaw puzzles are fun, educational, and designed with children in mind

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