List of products by brand Gien

Founded in 1821, the Faiencerie is located in Gien, in the Loire Valley at the very heart of France. The location offered all that was needed to make Faience : sand and water from the river Loire, and wood from the Sologne forest nearby.

The Faience gained renown during the 19th century largely through two main products : dinner services bearing the coats of arms of prominent families of the European aristocracy, and... tiles made for the Paris Metro.

Gien A symbol of French know-how

Warm and vibrant, Gien fine Faience is in a class of its own through its natural composition (sand, clays, kaolin...), its quality designs and forms. All requisites for the manufacturing process - the liquid slip, plaster casts, glazes - are designed and made at the Faiencerie according to strictly guarded recipes and methods.

All stages of production, from the pile of earth to the finished plate, are carried out on our premises. A Gien plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 Faience craftsmen, the heirs of two hundred years of skill and know-how.