Bee Teapot with Lid and Filter - La Rochère

Bee Teapot with Lid and Filter - La Rochère View larger
  • Origin : Haute-Marne, France
  • Height : 12.2
  • Capacity : 27,5 cl
  • Diameter : 9.1 cm

24,00 €

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This Teapot is equipped with a tempered glass mug which resists thermal shocks of 120°C. Its large stainless steel filter allows the leaves to unfold and reveal all their aromas, while the solid wood lid comes from sustainably managed French forests.

Perfect for the preparation of loose teas and herbal teas, the Bee Teapot is the ideal accessory. It consists of three parts:

  • a tempered glass cup: with a capacity of 27.5 cl, it is perfect for individual consumption.
  • a wooden lid: it keeps your drink at the right temperature and serves as a filter holder
  • a stainless steel filter: large enough to provide enough room for the leaves to develop all their flavours through an optimal infusion

Instructions for use

Put the tea or infusion in the filter according to the recommended quantities. Pour the water at the right temperature and let the tea brew for the recommended time with the lid on. Remove the filter and place it on the lid. Enjoy your delicious beverage.

Dishwasher safe

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