Saffron Harvested on the Rooftops of Paris

  • Origin : Paris
  • Weight : 0,005 kg
  • Height : 8 cm
  • Lenght : 2.3 cm
  • Profondeur : 3.2 cm

10,00 €

In stock

Here is an original idea for a Made in Paris gift for all gourmets in love with Paris: saffron harvested from the rooftops of Paris, delivered in an attractive metal box that protects it from light.

A dose of 0.1g of saffron of Paris, harvested by 4 sisters on the rooftops of Paris. In each box you will get about 45 filaments (15 flowers), so that you can perfume a dish for 8 people.

Instructions for use

To enhance the flavour of saffron, infuse it several hours before use, ideally overnight.

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