Mignonette of Gentiane de Lure
  • Mignonette of Gentiane de Lure

Mignonette of Gentiane de Lure

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Gentian roots, infused directly after harvest, result in the refined bitterness, so appreciated by enthusiasts, and the tonic properties of this drink that open up the appetite.


Gentiane de Lure is an aperitif made from Lubéron white wine, sweet fortified wine, alcohol, sugar, infusion and extracts of gentian roots, infusion of sweet and bitter oranges and a quinquina infusion. It has a gentle bitterness and the true root flavors and aromas of Provence. Gentiane de Lure is made for connoisseurs of gentian and lovers of all things bitter.

Data sheet
Origin :
Forcalquier (Provence)
Capacity :
10 cl

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